5 great tips for getting active with your kids

Getting active with your kids does not just benefit your waistline; it also lays the foundation for a lifelong habit of healthy living in your children and is also a great time to bond. If you’re looking for ways to get active with your kids, read on for five great tips.

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Walk to school

Walking to school is ideal, but if that is not possible, consider getting off the bus a bit earlier or parking a ten-minute walk away from the school. A walk before school not only gets your blood flowing, but it helps kids get ready for the day ahead.

Encourage extra-curricular clubs

It may be costly and the standing around watching may be dull, but if your child shows any interest in extra-curricular sporting activities, grab it by the horns. Schools sometimes provide after-school clubs such as gym, netball, dance or football. In addition, your local village hall or community rooms might host anything from karate to ballet lessons.

Sign up for a fundraiser

Sign up as a family for a sponsored walk or run. Many have distance options, so those with young children can do a 1K walk whilst those with active teenagers might consider a 10K jog. Taking a training run or a walk with your child every evening in preparation is also a great chance for you to have a chat and catch up with them.

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Go Wild

Devote a vacant day during the school holidays or a quiet Sunday to getting back to nature whilst being active. Take some rope and a tarp to your nearest woods and build a den with your family. While there, go bug hunting, climb a tree, and make dream-catchers from string and twigs. If you do not have woods nearby, look into children’s climbing frames for your garden like those from http://www.niclimbingframes.com/climbing-frames.

Take the dog out

Walking the dog does not need to be a chore that only one member of the house endures. Go for long family walks in the evening or at weekends. Try out new places to keep things fresh.

As you can see, getting active with your kids is easier than you think. It can make significant changes to your health, your relationships and even your overall happiness.

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