7 Signs That Your Business Website Isn’t Yet Search Optimised

SEO plays a huge role in determining whether your site can sink or swim in the competitive world of the web. Look out for these seven signs of poor optimisation and fix them as soon as possible.

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Mobile Issues

Making your site accessible to smartphone users has been essential ever since Google updated its algorithms to assess mobile-friendliness back in 2015. If you have yet to embrace responsive design to address this, your search rank will be suffering.

Content Quality
When it comes to adding copy to your site, quality is more important than quantity, and uniqueness is the biggest factor of all for boosting SEO. If you have copied articles wholesale from other online sources, however, search engines will penalise you.

Regular Posting

Even a perfectly well-designed website can struggle to reach the upper echelons of SERPs if it is not regularly replenished with new content. The best answer to this conundrum is to put a blog or news section on your site, which lets you add content regularly and will earn you more clicks in the process.

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Site Performance

A site that is slow to load will not fare as well as competitors that appear on visitors’ devices with lightning speed. Tweaking the interface and streamlining the underpinnings with the assistance of an agency like http://www.rycomarketing.co.uk/web-design.html, which specialises in web design in Belfast, is the best cure in this case.

Local Search

If your business is focused on winning over customers in the local area, then making sure that your details are submitted to Google MyBusiness can give you a welcome SEO boost. Sites that do not have this important association could struggle to rank highly in location-specific searches.

Page Testing

Putting your site through its paces using widely available testing tools will help you to pinpoint where problems lie and ultimately give you the power to remedy them effectively. If you do not make use of regular testing, you could be missing out on significant gains.


Peppering your site with external links may seem sensible, but sometimes you can go too far. If other sites you link to are contacting you and requesting for the links to be removed, this is a sign that something is not quite right. Think carefully about your linking strategies, and always take the organic approach.

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