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We used to visit the dentist once every six months for a check up on our teeth and to make sure that any issues that had arisen since our last visit were quickly sorted out. People are becoming more and more conscious of the way they look when they smile. And did you know there is a whole science behind what your smile means?

  • A true smile – A genuine smile of happiness can be identified not only by the upturned corners of the mouth but also by the narrowing of the eye area. The presence of wrinkles around the eyes that we very unhelpfully call crow’s feet indicate true happiness and a genuine smile. It is for this reason that we have developed many different cosmetics that enhance our eye areas including treatments like Eyelash Extensions Gloucester

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  • Discomfort of a different kind – When you are in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable. Whether it is a comment that someone makes or perhaps a joke that you don’t find funny or don’t understand we tend to smile as a way of hiding our true emotions. This sort of smile tends to be with a closed mouth and any eye contact tends to be flitting or non-existent. There are no crow’s feet present with this type of smile.
  • Faking it – This sort of fake smile tends to occur when we are being asked to pose for a camera. Hence the move towards more candied photographs at events and weddings. Selfies fall into this category and the smile given tends to be less sincere and will lack a response in the eye area.
  • Sarcasm is king – A crooked smile if often present here with the individual flitting between two emotions – that of amusement and dislike. As a society we often use sarcasm for humour but the reaction it produces in a smile is much less true than that of a genuine happy smile.

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  • Seduction on the mind – A smile is present when seduction is on someone’s mind. This could be a coy smile with subtle eye contact that slowly moves away or the more direct dominant approach with direct gazing.

We smile hundreds of times a day sometimes we are aware of it and it is to convey our feelings and other times we are not so conscious of what we are doing. A smile certainly conveys much more than we think!

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