Applications of CBC Soft Gels

CBC softgels are most commonly used in oil-soluble applications, with a variety of commercial products involving CBC in their production. Olive oil is an important agricultural commodity worldwide, with the health benefits of olive oil having been well established.

Prevention Of Lipid Oxidation

CBC is especially helpful with protecting the stored olive oils from lipid oxidation which occurs during storage. When the stored oil undergoes oxidation reactions, it produces undesirable compounds that can often lead to rancid flavors. The addition of CBC reduces product losses due to oxidation during storage and has also been shown to increase shelf life for this application (see below).

Increasing Stability Of Metalaxyl

The fungicide metalaxyl is another example of an application where CBC has shown its value. Metalaxyl deteriorates more rapidly when it is in an aqueous environment, and CBC has been shown to increase the stability of metalaxyl. This application of CBC reduces problems with maintaining optimal concentrations of metalaxyl for effective fungus control.

Used As An Emulsifier

CBC can also be used as an emulsifier, improving the properties of liquid formulations, which include solids that are insoluble or, at best, sparingly soluble in water. It is commonly used as liquid wax emulsions, which often use mineral oil fractions. For example, liquid wax products are found in foods such as cheese.

Used As A Chemical Stabilizer

CBC may be used as a chemical stabilizer that prevents food oils from going rancid during storage by causing cross-linking between chains. This property has been harnessed in edible oil-soluble applications such as olive oil, where CBC is found to increase total shelf life and protect against lipid oxidation.

CBC soft gels achieve this by increasing the average chain length of unsaturated fatty acids that react with oxygen in the air and become oxidized. These molecules also decrease polyphenol content in olive oil and increase color stability.

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