Architectural trends to know in 2020

Exciting futuristic architectural projects are in hand to meet the needs of the next generation. Let’s look at some visionary schemes.

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1. Hypnotic Bridges

An undulating pedestrian footbridge over China’s Dragon King Harbour River from NEXT Architects sees swirling lanes resembling a Chinese folk knot.

2. Rotating Skyscrapers

A proposed 80-story skyscraper from David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture would rotate 360 degrees every 90 minutes.

3. Invisible Architecture

In South Korea’s LED-clad Infinity Tower under construction, a facade system uses cameras to project images onto its reflective surface. The shorter wooden structure from stpmj planned for New York would employ reflective film.

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4. Wrapped Skyscrapers

Burj Khalifa in Dubai is the world’s tallest structure. Now, think tank OP-EN has suggested covering the 160-story skyscraper in lightweight reflective fabric casing like a sock.

5. 3D-Printed Interiors

3D printers are the future of interior design courtesy of architects Benjamin Dillenburger and Michael Hansmeyer. In their ‘Digital Grotesque’ project, the two 3D-printed an entire ornately decorated room.

6. Floating Pools

Family and PlayLab in New York head a project that aims to situate an enormous filtration system between Brooklyn and Manhattan. The project envisages the creation of a 164-foot-long floating pool entitled +POOL.

7. Buoyant Concert Halls

Anish Kapoor and Arata Isozaki created ‘Ark Nova’. Resembling a jelly bean from outside and a seashell inside, this balloon-like building is the world’s first concert hall that is inflatable.

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8. Wooden Skyscrapers

C.F. Møller Architects and DinnellJohansson have announced plans for the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper, with 34 stories. The residential design is planned for Stockholm in 2023.

9. Sponge Parks

A project known as Sponge Park will see New York’s toxic Gowanus Canal transformed into a properly filtered, cleaner sanctuary. The plans for converting contaminated land into a congenial waterfront arena were hatched by dlandstudio and Gowanus Canal Conservancy.

10. Natural Disaster Forts

Dauphin Island off Alabama endures devastating hurricanes. In an eponymous project, artist Dionisio González designed futuristic forts for residents. The extraordinary edifices are a mash-up of a bunker, a beach house and a spaceship.

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