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Dash cams have been around for over a decade now, so they’re nothing new, but if you’re operating a fleet without them, you could be missing out on some tangible benefits. The camera systems might have been around for a while, but technology has moved on and now the cameras are highly advance, offering top-quality technology for improving driver safety. There are a host of benefits to installing dash cams, from reducing accidents to improving the behaviour of drivers.


A decade ago, trucks and lorries were the hugely targeted by the fraudulent ‘cash for crash’ claims scandal. This trend swept across the logistics and haulage industry, with fraudulent claims reaching an all-time high. These businesses were the ones who felt the negative consequences in terms of financial losses and operational time lost. When an incident on the road does occur, it inevitably leads to a ‘my word against yours’ scenario. To avoid this, the use of a Truck Camera becomes invaluable in showing what really occurred and where the blame should lie. For more information on systems for cab recording and safety features like reversing cameras, visit

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Problems with fraudulent claims and negligence can be all but eliminated by the evidence that is caught on camera. This puts fleet management is a much stronger position to combat false accusations or accept responsibility should the driver be at fault.


Did you know that insurance firms believe approximately 14% of road traffic collisions are fraudulent? Of course, when it comes to HGVs, the costs are much higher and insurance firms claim the average settlement for cases involving an HGV is £11,000. This is a financial blow to any business but could signal a death blow to many small businesses.


Fleet managers who use in-cab recording systems have the opportunity to dissect any incidents and understand how and why they occurred. Risk management can be improved, and insurance companies reassured that firms are improving procedures to better manage any risk. Insurance companies prefer the use of vehicle cameras for this very reason.

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Cameras also allow employers to monitor the behaviour and traits of their drivers. One of the leading causes of accidents on the road is drivers becoming distracted. If an accident occurs due to driver distraction, the cost to the business through lost vehicle assets can be significant. Any lack of skill or bad habits of drivers can be spotted by management and rectified before the problem reaches the stage of an accident. Whilst some people object to being filmed at work, there is no doubt that knowing you are being recorded has a massively positive impact on safety and performance.


By highlighting driver behaviour, firms can make savings in areas like fuel costs, reduced vehicle maintenance needs and fewer road accidents. What company wouldn’t want to reduce their operating costs and improve driver safety?

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