How businesses can reduce the stress of employee relocation

In an increasingly global business world, more companies are relocating staff every year, which can be stressful for employees and their families and carries risks for employers if the move does not go well. Ensuring staff successfully relocate is key; the following steps will help any move go smoothly.

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It is important to be clear with employees on what is involved in their relocation. Let them know what their new role is, the impact it will have on their career, how long they will be away, what support they and their family will be given, and any implications, e.g. tax, of the move. Laying out this information clearly and providing plenty of time for questions or to resolve issues raised is key as it will reduce your employee’s stress levels and help them better prepare for the transition.


Depending on where they are relocating to, your employee might need to communicate in another language, one they’re not familiar with. Offering language training can help reduce stress and anxiety. Training might have a business focus or look more at how they can order food or ask for directions. Knowing they have even basic language skills will make them more confident and more effective at work. If they are travelling with family, consider providing them all with training.

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Your employee will need support during and after the move. This might be helping to arrange moving companies or storage facilities, find a new home, set up utilities, arrange schools for their children or set up bank accounts. Having someone take care of these things will reduce stress and mean employees are more able to hit the ground running once they arrive. There might be someone in your company who can do this. Alternatively, you might consider using a company such as that specialises in employee relocation services.


Where employees are travelling with family, their spouse/partner may also work. You may be able to help arrange work permits or support them to find work, possibly in your own company. You might also want to consider trying to arrange introductions. If you have other employees who have also relocated, see if they will befriend your employee and their family, giving them connections in the area to show them around and introduce them to new people.


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