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A shelving unit, like the ones you can find from Rackzone is usually a flat rectangular plane that is utilized in a store, business, home, or else anywhere to hold things that are being stored, displayed, or sold for sale. It’s typically raised off of the floor and generally secured/elevated on its longer end edges by vertical brackets. Shelving units are often held up with shelves, hooks, racks, and even trays. It can also be hung from ceiling beams, walls, and floors.

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There are several types of shelving available. You can get bin shelving, cabinets, pallet shelving, wire shelving, and plastic pallets. The type you’ll need depends on how much space you’re going to be needing to store all of your things. If you plan to use the bin shelving simply to store and organise small objects, then you don’t really need anything more than what’s on the shelves already. However, if you want to use it to display larger objects, then you should think about getting at least one extra pallet rack to put on top of your shelving.

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Metal industrial shelving comes in two basic forms; wire and wood. Wire shelving is great if you plan on storing and organizing large objects and storing them tightly against each other so that there’s no risk of them falling out of place. The drawback to wire shelving is the price – it’s costly. You can however get heavy duty metal industrial shelving for fairly cheap if you shop around.

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