Cleaning Tips for Student Living

Living in a student house can be challenging when it comes to keeping everything clean and organised. There are better to be doing, after all. Like partying, studying and of course, more partying! However, before your student house descends into filth and chaos, here are some easy cleaning tips to keep your home tidy and liveable:

Share the tasks

More often than not, cleaning falls to the person who can’t stands living any longer with the grime and clutter. This will leave the person feeling grumpy and stressed having to take on the responsibility on their own. It’s a good idea to sit down with everyone and make a list of needs to be done. Divide the tasks equally between all members of the household and rotate the jobs every couple of weeks. You’ll enjoy your Student accommodation Gloucester much more when you keep it clean. For top quality accommodation, visit

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Tidy as you go

When you all sit down to discuss the cleaning, agree that the responsibility of keeping everything ship shape falls to everyone equally. Remember that a bit of light cleaning as you go means the jobs never get too big. If you make a mess, clean it up straight away. If everyone sticks to this proactive method, it’s surprising how easy it is to keep on top of things.

Food safety

Students are well-known for their strange eating habits but not so well-known for keeping on top of waste and food safety concerns. At the end of each week, get everyone to go through cupboards, fridges and freezers and get rid of any perishable goods that are past their ‘use by’ dates. Give the fridge and surfaces a wipe over with white vinegar and water (you don’t need expensive cleaners) and boil some water in the microwave to clean it out and get rid of horrible smells.

Antibacterial wipes

Most students won’t want to spend too long cleaning the house, so anything that speeds up this process is helpful. A packet of antibacterial wipes can be used on almost any surface and if someone has a steam cleaner, even better. You can clean the house quickly and effectively with these items. Antibacterial wipes can clean a surface in seconds, are easy to store and dispose of. Steam cleaners can be used on almost anything from curtains to carpets with very little effort.

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Personal responsibility

Make this rule apply to each room in the house, but especially in the bathroom and kitchen. As you all come and go, leading busy lives, it’s not acceptable to leave someone else to pick up after you. If kitchen equipment is cleaned right away after use and the person who has a shower, wipes it down afterwards, you’ll easily stay on top of things and come home to a much more harmonious atmosphere.


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