Clothing for men to add to their wardrobes

Menswear is conventional clothes usually worn for sport, fashion or everyday practical use, like T-shirts, jeans, sweaters, shorts and so on. They are normally made of wool, cotton, polyester and so on. Men’s wear also has traditional roots; some traditional garments were adapted to meet modern day requirements. A typical men’s T-shirt is probably one of the oldest clothing in history that is not being worn by most men today.

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Menswear is generally used to refer to any type of clothing designed and produced mainly for men. It could be a t-shirt, jeans, jackets, cardigans, sweaters, sweatpants, slacks, shoes and even socks. It is also used in a less formal context to describe undergarments and body wear. You can find some great options available from menswear Ireland companies like EJ Menswear where you can get yourself all the clothing that you possibly need and want.

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Menswear is not just clothing designed for men, it is also a way of thinking about and expressing one’s masculinity. A common theme running through menswear is how to fit in, to display power and to fit in with others. The popularity of menswear has increased in recent years, partly due to the need for fashionable and functional clothing, partly due to its status as a distinctive style.


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