Designing the perfect waiting room

The importance of a waiting room should not be underestimated. People who are visiting a dentist, doctor or any other professional might well be feeling nervous and apprehensive. Therefore, a well thought out and relaxing waiting room is essential to make your visitors feel welcome and at ease. Here are some considerations for achieving this:

  1. Careful colouring

You can make a big difference in the way a room looks and feels just by adding colour. Nobody wants to be surrounded by a bright pink, dark orange or boring beige from floor to ceiling, as these types of colours will only increase a person’s negative feelings. The best idea is to choose a warming neutral tone combined with elements of natural greens and blues. These are colours known to have a calming effect, along with grey, violet and light pink. You can choose any colour you wish, as long as it’s muted and paired with a neutral shade.

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  1. Clear directions

Effective communication shouldn’t end when your visitor has checked in with reception. When people are waiting for an appointment, clear and proper signage can make a big difference in helping to put people at ease. An inviting, open and welcoming atmosphere is what you’re seeking to achieve. This includes helpful signs directing people to facilities like restrooms, specific offices, entertainment and vending machines, for example.

  1. Comfortable furniture

Waiting shouldn’t have to be uncomfortable. Nobody wants to spend 30 minutes sitting in a hard, plastic chair, squished up against the person next to them. The same applies to old saggy sofas that people struggle to get up and down from or ugly furniture that is positioned poorly. This kind of experience can be incredibly infuriating even for just a short wait.

You also want to avoid overly expensive but non-durable pieces. You might have hundreds of people sitting on your chairs or sofas, so they will be subject to heavy use. What you need is the best of both worlds and you can have this when you choose a Florence Knoll Sofa. Get your Florence Knoll Sofa from Pash Classics today.

  1. Decorate your walls

To add some interest and detract from boring wall space, hanging some artwork is a great idea. It’s also a way of introducing some colour into an otherwise neutral background in a cost-effective way. It can provide an uplifting feeling to your visitors, giving them a focus aside from their nerves and creating a positive impression.

  1. Bring the outside in

Bringing plants into the waiting room adds immediate vibrancy and freshness. Plants improve visitor satisfaction and have a calming effect on those feeling anxious or apprehensive. Your waiting room will instantly look warmer, more welcoming and also softer, helping to put people at ease. Plants have also been shown in studies to improve staff productivity which is an added bonus. Try to choose a variety of plants, with different colours and pleasant scents.



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