Double Glazing The Best Option For Your Home

Double Glazing refers to any one of a number of alternatives which are used for the same purpose of improving energy efficiency in buildings. Insulating glass usually consists of two or more windows, separated often by a gap or air-filled cavity to prevent heat transfer through part of the structure envelope. Although the basic purpose of double glazing is to reduce external heat transfer, there are other benefits associated with this option.

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The fact that double glazing prevents heat exchange from external surfaces means that occupants of a room can feel much cooler than they would be otherwise. This is especially important during the winter months when temperature differences can be significant. Furthermore, double glazing also reduces the amount of light that seeps in through the windows.

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The first and most common type of double glazing is referred to as single glazing. In this case, the primary glass is installed in a window only, and a second pane is then installed on the interior of the structure. The interior glass is often tinted or coated, in order to help reduce glare. The exterior of the window is usually made from a non-breakable sealant which fixes the defects of the existing windows and does not require any additional support. A similar alternative to single glazing is called triple glazing. In this case, the gaps between the existing windows are filled with a specially designed sealant, so that the amount of heat that escapes out of the property is kept to a minimum.

It is incredibly important that you use a Double Glazing Cheltenham company such as Firmfix to install these windows to make sure that they are fitted correctly.

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