Duct Tape Residue can be a nightmare to clean

Everyone loves using duct tape in a crisis because it’s wonderfully sticky. The practical applications of a material that will stick almost anything back together – at least for a while – are great, but a shadow is cast by the mess it leaves behind. However there are some simple ways to deal with this.

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Warm Approach

Try using a knife to scrape the tape residue from a floor or panelling, but be gentle and try not to dig the blade into the surface, as this could damage it. A knife can also be useful dealing with materials such as silicone sealant.

Hot water and some soap might also help clean the residue off glass, copper and enamel, especially as the heat will soften the glue and the tape which will make it easier to remove. This can also work with linoleum, marble and plaster. For more tips on keeping your walls looking good, see this report from The Telegraph.

If the tape has not been in place for long, try ripping it quickly, like you would remove a band-aid. Taking it off slowly can make the tape more sticky and leave more residue behind.

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Do a Test

When you use a residue remover, make sure you test it in a small spot that isn’t very noticeable. You need to make sure the remover will not damage the surface. This is especially vital for paintwork, wood and anything with a high gloss, as the chemicals that remove the gluey remains could dull or discolour other materials.

If you are having problems removing duct tape residue, or even the remnants of silicone sealant, it would be worthwhile consulting Commercial cleaning Gloucester specialists at sites including http://intocleaning.co.uk/ which can offer advice and solutions. While they are at your workplace they could offer a service that extends out to other areas to like all the flooring and interiors.

Soap, however, is not usually appropriate for surfaces such as granite, terrazzo, concrete masonry tiling and brick or bluestone, as it will leave a scum behind that is also difficult to get rid of. Stone surfaces can respond well to a mixture of baking soda or laundry detergent combined with water to form a paste. Brush it on gently then massage it a little until the glue comes off and rinse. If you have something really valuable, though, repairs with duct tape may not be the best approach.

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