Easy Ways To Keep Your Workshop Tidy And Safe

Being hands-on and getting down and dirty in your workshop can be rewarding. Whether you run a small business, enjoy a bit of DIY or just potter around, you should always ensure your workshop is neat and tidy. A clean workshop will make you more productive and, more importantly, it can also stop you from having a nasty accident. Here are some top tips on keeping your workshop tidy and safe.

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Organise Your Tools

A workman is useless without his tools. If you leave your tools lying around your workshop, you are likely to lose most of them and you could even end up trodding on them and injuring yourself. A tool station is a great way to organise your drills, wrenches, hammers and spanners. Having all your tools in one place and neatly organised will make your workshop a tidier and safer environment in which to work.

Focus On The Walls

Cords, tools and containers are all trip hazards and should never be left on your workshop floor. A serious injury awaits if you don’t utilise all the storage space that is available to you. One of the best yet most underused storage spaces is a workshop wall. Attach pegboards to your walls, transfer all your bits and bobs from the floor, and hang them on the boards. The great thing about peg boards is that everything is in view and easily accessible. Shelves are another great solution for storing things on your walls.

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Keep Water Out

Is water leaking through your metal roof or through metal window frames in your workshop? If so, it’s imperative that you stop the water coming in because electricity and water do not mix! Find the source of the leak and use a metal bonding adhesive to fill in the crack. Easier, quicker and cheaper than welding, metal bonding adhesive can be found through sites such as http://www.ct1ltd.com/.

Clear Out the Clutter

If you’re the kind of person who keeps everything you come across in case it comes in handy in the future, you’ll likely need a clear-out once in a while. Don’t allow your workshop to become overrun with items. Every six months, have a spring cleaning and throw away any unwanted items. This will go a long way toward keeping your workshop tidy and safe.

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