Essential tools for every garage

Whether you have recently moved into a new house or have finally had that clear-out you have been promising yourself for years, you may suddenly find yourself with a lovely, clean and spacious garage to fill.

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Who knows, you may even be able to park the car there – but before you do, you should think about gathering together the essential pieces of equipment every self-respecting garage needs.

According to the Daily Mail, half of Britain’s motorists no longer use their garages to house their car. What will you do in yours?

Even if you are not a keen DIYer, you will probably find yourself doing some odd jobs from time to time. There is no doubt that a garage is the perfect workroom and that the right tools will help enormously.

What are the basics you should be thinking about getting for your garage? Here are just a few ideas:

Let there be light

You can’t carry out even the most basic of tasks if you can’t see what you are doing, so think about installing adequate – this means bright – overhead lighting, such as fluorescent strips. If you don’t want this type of lighting, you may want to buy a couple of good-quality portable lamps instead. Make sure they are bright and durable enough to withstand knocks.


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Power to the people

Along with light, every garage needs an adequate power supply. This means ensuring there are enough sockets for your needs and buying plenty of the correct type of extension lead so you won’t have to struggle when using power tools.

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Work it, baby

The most important piece of any DIYer’s tool kit is his or her workbench. Invaluable for so many everyday tasks, a fold-away workbench is essential and is a great investment that should last you decades. You can get these at most DIY stores.

Vice is nice

The next thing you need is a good-quality vice, which can be clamped to your new workbench. You can’t do without one if you intend to do any jobs.


Strong and roomy tool chests and efficient storage shelves are also important; in this way, you can store whatever takes your fancy.

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