Fabric trends to watch out for in 2018

Fabric trends permeate into almost every design sector. These trends play a major role in the final looks on the runway, and their success will spill over into other design sectors, such as interior design.

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Trends for 2018 are mostly retro and botanically inspired.

Sixties retro

Starting off with signature colours, we are looking at creamy whites, maroon reds, marine blues, teal, buttercup and yellowish tans and browns. Shapes will include oversized florals, repetitive shapes derived from geometry, and stripes that range in width.

These prints work particularly well on statement pieces like sofas or bathroom roller blinds. The idea is to select key pieces to create focus and keep it tonal for the surrounds.

Mother Earth

It is no wonder that trends will be dictated by the movement towards the preservation of the earth. Dys have long had a history of being water-intensive, but now the fashion industry is turning to alternative, less harmful production methods.

Colours range from darker creams, moleskin, shades of nude, pale rose, green, and ocean-inspired shades of blue and saffron. Patterns go back to nature, with hints of animal print, loose weaves and knits and even some ethnic touches.

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Exotic fauna and flora

The next trend is an almost natural extension from the Mother Earth trend. However, it is far bolder and will be a great hit when it comes to linen and curtaining. The colours appear to be slightly faded. We’re looking at bold, “old school” floral prints in shades of fuchsia, complimentary greens, bark, pigment blues, yellowish browns and pale cream.

Certain blind companies like http://www.ucblinds.co.uk/Roller-Blinds/PVC-Waterproof-Roller-Blinds will digitally print anything your heart desires on roller blinds. This is perfect if you have a specific floral print in mind.


Boho chic just never seems to go out of fashion. The trend gives you the opportunity to cleverly clash shades of violet, singed orange, ochre, brown pink and burgundy in waves of flowery patterns. Flat shades of squares are combined with natural elements.

Daisy Delight

One of the most fun, feminine trends includes daisies of all shapes and sizes. Colours to watch out for are obviously white, yellow and green. These are teamed up with dark blue and shades of grey. It works well in contrast with more masculine elements to further accentuate its subtlety.

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