Getting Interior Design Tips From Churches and Cathedrals

If you aren’t particularly religious, you probably never thought you’d find yourself reading an article about Catholic interior design. Even if you are a religious person, you might have never considered incorporating design ideas from churches and cathedrals into your own home.

There’s a reason we’re always so awestruck by the beauty and majesty of cathedrals. They’re decorated in a specific way that is designed to inspire wonder. Of course, you aren’t going to turn your home into a place of worship, but there are still some key tips you can take from churches and cathedrals to improve your own home. Here are some interior design ideas to take from churches and cathedrals.

Creative and Abundant Use Of Natural Light

Churches are rarely lit solely by artificial light. To create an inspirational and hopeful ambiance, churches are designed to allow a lot of natural light pour inside. Furthermore, stained glass windows are often used, allowing natural light to be used in a creative way. In your own home, make an effort to rely less on artificial light during the day. Add some hanging colored crystal ornaments on your windows to let the light shine into your home in a creative and unexpected way.

The Use Of Focal Points

Creating a focal point that the eye is meant to land on is a popular strategy in interior design and it’s seen in just about every church. Typically, an alter is the focal point of a church. While you probably won’t be setting up an alter in your own home, you can pick a key piece of artwork and center the room around it, creating one strong focal point.

Natural Wood

Churches and cathedrals use a lot of natural wood, from the pews to the alters. The beauty of natural wood is that it can be incorporated into both modern and rustic design schemes. Invest in some natural wood pieces to bring a clean, simple design style into your home.

If you follow these tips, you can give your home some of the beauty that is so widely associated with churches and cathedrals. Your home might not be a place of worship, but it can definitely be a place of beauty.

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