Glass Buildings in the World that are Beautiful

Glass can make beautiful buildings, whether a classic, traditional architecture or a contemporary work of art. Here are some examples of the most impressive and stunning glass buildings in the world:

  1. National Grand Theatre – China

This theatre is located in Beijing, close to the world-famous Tiananmen Square. Designed by architect Paul Andreu, the building stands on its own man-made island featuring the theatre, an opera house, concert hall and shopping centre. The whole structure is made from glittering glass and titanium.

  1. Kanagawa Institute of Technology

The workshop at the Institute of Technology is completely transparent, letting students complete their work flooded by natural light. Located in Japan, the glass workspace and studios were designed by Junya Ishigami for achieving the optimum lighting environment.

  1. Netherlands Institute of Sound & Vision

Top Dutch architects, Willem Jan Neutelings and Michiel Riedijk were responsible for the design of this multi-coloured glass panelled structure. It has been hailed as one of the most colourful and visually stunning glass buildings in the world. Shaped like a cube, the outer structure is covered in coloured glass panels. Thankfully, when it comes to replacing our glass because of cracks or breakages we have a few less to worry about. For an Emergency Glaziers Leicester company you could try links including

  1. The Curitiba Botanical Garden, Brazil

This glasshouse is shaped in a geometrical fashion and can be found in Curitiba in Brazil. Designed by Abraao Assad, he took inspiration from for its structure from the Crystal Palace in London. The beautiful gardens around the glass building are laid out in a grand French style.

  1. La Estancia Glass Chapel

This chapel in Cuernavaca, Mexico was designed by Bunker Architects and is truly a beautiful destination for a wedding ceremony. It’s made form glass but still manages to reflect a classic Mexican baroque colonial theme.

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  1. The Glass Home

In Milan, Italy there is a glamourous home designed by Carlo Santambrogio. With a unique blue glint in the sun, the whole building is covered in 6mm tinted glass panels. The interior even features furniture and fittings made from glass.

  1. The Sage

Located in Gateshead, England, the Sage is a performing arts centre where conferences and musical education also take place. Fosters and Partners were the architects behind the design, which features curves of glass and steel as the primary building materials.

  1. The Dancing House, the Czech Republic

Vlado Milunic wanted to create a structure to resemble the world-famous Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. The result was the Dancing House located in Prague, which is one of the city’s most iconic contemporary buidings standing out against the period architecture.

  1. St Mary Axe, London


Number 30 At Mary Axe is more affectionately referred to as the ‘Gherkin’ and is London’s tallest building in the financial district. The architectural firm Fosters and Partners wanted to design a building that maximised the amount of natural light entering the structure. The exterior of the Gherkin is covered in thick, laminated glass.




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