Great Food and Drink that you can Find at Stroud Farmers Market

Stroud is a town within the county of Gloucestershire that has a huge appeal to those looking for something interesting to do. It is a popular town, and many people enjoy the rolling hills of the local countryside, as well as the towns unique and eclectic vibe, as well as the friendliness of the locals.

Because it is so popular, it always keeps local estate agents like these Stroud estate agents busy One of the main events in Stroud that attracts visitors from miles around is the farmers market that is held there on a Saturday from 9am – 2pm. It is one of the largest in the country and is an immensely popular destination, with the focus on eating fresh and healthy local foods, rather than packaged foods, or those with lots of preservatives in.

If you are thinking of paying a visit to the town on market day, here are just a few of the things that you might find there, and why it is so much better for you to buy them from a local farmers market…

Mushrooms – One of the foods that has been named over and over again as a wonder food is the humble mushroom. However, at Stroud market, you will find a wide variety of exotic mushrooms that are hard to come by anywhere else. Whether you enjoy your mushrooms on toast, or as part of a dish like spaghetti, this is a great place to discover and explore these delicious and healthy foods.

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Wine – Many wines that we can buy are full of chemicals which can make us feel poorly and are not good for us. However, at Stroud market you will be able to find local wine makers who really focus on making good quality wines are that are as natural as they come. There are many different flavours made from local fruits on offer too, so there is bound to be something that you will love!

Bread – Much of the bread that we can buy in the supermarkets has a lot of artificial additives, sugar and may not be as good for us as we would like to think it is. Many people come to Stroud market to buy fresh loaves of bread and rolls that have been baked with good quality ingredients and are not full of artificial chemicals and preservatives.

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Meat – Buying meat and eating it is something that has caused a lot of controversy in recent years, In the years following the BSE scandal, people have been a lot more aware of the meat that they buy and want to ensure that they are making safe and healthy choices, as well as supporting farms that treat their animals well. Here you will find lots of locally produced meat, where it has been freshly prepared and conforms to high standards.

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