How a dark floor can actually brighten your home

Dark floors can add a dramatic and sophisticated feeling to your home. Nevertheless, some people avoid using dark flooring because they believe it will make the room look darker and smaller.


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This is not true; dark floors can actually help to brighten a room if they are paired with bright colours. If you want to use dark flooring in your home, here are three tips to make sure that they brighten your home.

Combine Dark Floors With Light Paint

Brighten up your home with a combination of light walls and dark floors. This creates a stunning, dramatic look that will make the room seem both brighter and cleaner. Neutral, light tones such as whites, greys and beiges look great with dark flooring, and if you want a more unique style, you can try light pastel colours. Light blue or pink can look fantastic with these floors!

Choose The Right Kind Of Flooring

It is important to consider different flooring styles so that you make the right choice for your home. If the room is small, large dark tiles can help to make the space seem bigger. Dark wood flooring looks great in larger rooms, and there are lots of different styles from which you can choose. You can achieve a rustic look with hand-scraped dark wood, or you can achieve a more modern look with wide wood planks.

Dark vinyl floors are also a very popular choice. According to, vinyl flooring is low-maintenance and water-resistant, making it ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. Vinyl is also much cheaper than real wood, and there are lots of different textures and patterns available. You can find plenty of vinyl flooring options online on websites such as

Add Colour And Texture To The Room

You can add colour and texture to your floor with a light-coloured rug. Another popular option is to use both light and dark flooring in one room. This works especially well in dividing rooms such as a kitchen room and a dining room or a living room and an office.

When it comes to choosing dark flooring, take your time to consider how it will look in your home. Flooring is a big part of your home, so it is important to make the right choice!

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