How holding a corporate sports event could boost your staff wellbeing

Creating a positive and healthy environment in your business is known to increase staff morale and improve motivation and retention, and a sports event is a great way of achieving that.

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Large corporations are willing to invest in corporate sports events as they know they can improve health and wellbeing, which in turn leads to better staff engagement, culture and retention and less absenteeism.

The Guardian says that health initiatives can boost staff productivity, as exercise produces endorphins and serotonin which help aid sleep, concentration and motivation.

Event ideas

Your corporate sports event doesn’t have to go down the traditional obstacle course or paintballing route. There are plenty of companies who can give you ideas and help you create an event which suits your business and employees. You might want something low-key such as a walk, run or cycle challenge or an ultra marathon style event if your team is particularly sporty and looking to be challenged outside their comfort zone.

The key is finding an activity that gets staff engaged in a shared goal, whether they are the CEO or an administrator. HR departments and leadership teams are increasingly including these sorts of activities as part of their company’s wellbeing strategy in a bid to boost staff morale and minimise sick days.

It’s well known that team building is a great way of getting people to work together and improve their communication skills and bonding. If you are thinking of holding one and are looking for Leicestershire team building corporate events, you might consider a company such as

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While there is a significant amount of cost involved, it is more than worth it, and you can choose an event which suits your budget. Involving employees in the decision process and giving them the chance to choose will help with engagement too.

It might seem simple, but research shows that employee engagement can be improved by encouraging staff to be more active, and promoting wellbeing in and out of the workplace helps this. If it’s a fundraising event, not everyone has to participate in the physical challenge if they are not physically able, but they can be given other roles such as arranging sponsorship, baking cakes or just supporting colleagues in order to feel part of the team.

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