How Not To Ride A Hardtail Bike Pro Guideline

Ride A Hardtail Bike Pro Guideline

Like super fun at the same time, but doing such things on a hardtail can be quite costly. So here are a few things not to do when writing your heart tell, kicking off for this one.


On a hardtail running roughly down a trail is not going to be beneficial to you. If you were thinking Aaron Gwinn on a hardtail, don’t eliminate it.

Try and find the best line down the trail, the smoothest one to help eliminate mistakes and punctures. A mistake.

I see a bit too much on the trail. I’ve seen hard-tail riders riding down the trail with their body weight all over the back of the bike or all over the front of the bike.

You want to have a neutral body position with your white, quite central and ready to move forward, back left, or right when you need to just think all four quadrants of your bike, you want to be dancing on your heart pale.

If you want to learn more information about hardtail vs full suspension bicycles then follow the link.

You want to keep that bodyweight position anywhere and everywhere that you need to do this a little too much and that’s favoring the rear wheel too much on a hardtail.

It’s all because I do a lot of full suspension riding. It’s okay to do it now but all the time it’s going to kill your rear wheel.

The life of this will be very short. Try not to drive the rear wheel into everything or land on the rear wheel.

Too much love in the rear wheel loads. Then you better be carrying in, in a tube or two because this happens.

Suspension Uses

It’s a necessity to ride tubeless on a hardtail, but when the rough gets rough, you’re going to put a big gash in your tire. You’re going to need an inner tube surely. Carry one with you and it will save you a ride.

Let’s keep shredding. This is a fundamental one and when it comes to shredding your heart tail, not using your legs as the suspension is like sitting down on a King Bronco.

You don’t know what’s going to happen. You might not have a rear shock, but your legs have eight inches of travel depending on how strong your legs are, determines how much we bound, how much dampening, how much low and high-speed bicycle compression you have, or you want to run.

Use your Lexus suspension. Tell running can be intimidating all the time, but just writing more will help. Gain more confidence in your bike.

There you go a few things not to do on your trusty and hardtail things that could go horribly wrong and If you did them especially the body position, terrible and punctures, just make sure you do take in any tube out with you.


No matter what bike you’re riding. Hopefully, this has helped you out. If you want to stick around and read another article in our blog.

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