How often should you bathe a newborn baby?

how often should you bathe a newborn baby

There are those who establish the routine of the baby’s bath as something inexcusable, unappealable and almost sacred. Daily. However, experts say that it is not necessary to bathe the child every day, and we are going to talk about this today. Because many dads ask themselves: how often should you bathe a newborn baby?

Many pediatricians see in the increase of the cutaneous affections of the children at present the fact that they bathe too much, and it is that, as warns the Academy of Pediatrics. The excess of the bath can reduce the natural bacteria with which the babies count and make them more susceptible to infections and rashes. Continue reading: Why do children get sick in winter?

How often should you bathe a newborn baby

how often should you bathe a newborn baby

Let us think that a baby neither gets dirty nor sweats like a child or an adult. Also, the skin has its own cleaning mechanisms and the excessive frequency or duration of the baths can irritate it, especially if the baby has a very sensitive dermis, they are used unsuitable bath products or when too hot water is used.

In the case of babies with atopic dermatitis should be washed preferably with a shower, without rubbing a lot and using moisturizing creams (with acid pH bath gels).

When the baby reaches one year of age, he begins to crawl, to walk, he touches everything, he eats everything … then they need to bathe the whole body more frequently. But not so if we talk about newborn and babies up to twelve months.

Baby bath from zero to twelve months

There is research that has proven that it is not advisable to bathe the baby daily, and is that their skin, being thinner than that of adults, presents a greater weakness in the different layers, which implies that it is more delicate and vulnerable.

Baby bathe

From the time they are born (and before they are born), babies’ skin creates an acidic protective layer of useful grease, sweat and germs. This layer protects the skin against environmental influences, infectious germs and bacteria. This natural protection that the skin secretes should not be removed at any time.

However, if there is a part of the body that we can not neglect is the diaper area, and with each change of diaper, we must pay special attention to the ass, especially if it is feces. The hygiene of this area is essential because here the baby’s delicate skin does come into contact with bacteria and humidity can cause various conditions to appear.

Other areas to check especially if we do not bathe the child are the neck and skin area with folds is also delicate. Because here you can accumulate not visible dirt, sweat, fluff …

So even if you do not bathe the baby every day you can give him a washcloth or a wet cloth if you see that these places are dirty, taking advantage of putting on pajamas before going to bed, for example. And do not neglect these folds and leave them moist (after cleaning or after bathing).

Baby bathe in bathtub

In short, do not obsess over bath time. It must be a pleasant time as well as hygienic, but it does not necessarily have to be daily.

However, if a mother who says she bathes her baby once a week (or even once every time) a big stir arises. And, although I’m not saying that once a week is enough, you do not have to answer to this type of controversy noting that the ideal is the daily bath. Not so much, not so little …

We could say that three times a week is enough, but every mother and father know their baby better than anyone. And is that each baby has their individual needs in relation to their care and frequency of bathing.

There are babies who regurgitate and the acid smell of milk can be very unpleasant. These babies may need bathing before others. Also if they have escaped the pee or the poop, or if it is very hot …

Baby playing while bathing

If for these or other reasons you bathe the baby daily, it is better to give up everyday bath products such as gels or shampoos (even more if we notice that the baby’s skin is dry). Better to simply put a few drops of oil, gel or special milk for bathing in the water, and in this way we avoid the skin to dry, or that irritations, allergies … sometimes caused by the agents that make up the products.

For the baby, choose soft, non-scented products, preferably free of chemical substances that are aggressive to the skin, preservatives … and with a neutral pH and a soft washcloth, without scrubbing the baby’s skin tightly, so as not to reduce defenses

As you can see, it is not necessary to bathe the baby every day. We can reduce the frequency of the bath and continue enjoying with the children of this special moment, even if it is not daily. We will be doing good to your skin. You may also like:

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