How to choose the right solar panel installation company

With solar panel popularity increasing year by year, more people than ever are seeking a sustainable energy source. Beating those rising energy bills, making the most of government grants and reducing environmental impact are three big reasons homeowners are looking to power up their homes with solar panels.

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However, choosing an installation company can be tricky. Here’s our guide to choosing solar panel installers in Bristol and the wider UK.

Experience and Expertise

Your solar panel installation experience will be entirely different from that of any other homeowner – even that of your neighbours! That’s because every property has its own unique features, whether that’s location, design or size.

The angle of your roof, your overall household energy consumption and whether your home is particularly shaded or not are all factors that an experienced solar panel installation company can assess carefully. Look for solar panel installers in Bristol, or Birmingham, with proven expertise who will tailor the process to your needs. This will ensure optimal performance and effectiveness, and boost your savings too.

Support through the Process

Pick a contractor who promises guidance and support throughout the entire process of installation, from the assessment of your property and the paperwork and plans to the installation itself and any after-sales support you need post-installation. The right installers will navigate the paperwork seamlessly and talk you through the process with care. Although your panels are likely to last up to 25 years or more, the right company will also offer ongoing support and maintenance after installation.

Reviews and Reputation

Study customer satisfaction testimonials, ratings on trusted websites and social media reviews to gain a real sense of the type of service experienced by previous customers. The best solar panel installers Bristol or elsewhere in the UK will have a proven track record and a positive reputation across all these channels. So do your research carefully before selecting your installers.

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Your solar panel installation needn’t be stressful. Simply follow these guidelines when selecting your solar panel installation company, and you’ll be upgrading to solar energy in no time.

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