How to have a stand-out event

In a sea of corporate events, how do you make yours stand out from the rest? Most delegates groan when they realise they are being invited to yet another conference but there are some easy ways to whip up more enthusiasm and excitement for your events. Try out some of these ideas for making your event the stand-out conference of the year:


If budget allows, try to book at least one well-known or famous speaker for your event. Somebody who is entertaining, well-liked, has a great reputation in the industry and a healthy social media following. An appearance like this can work wonders for the success of your event and even better if he/she is prepared to post about their appearance on their social media feeds.

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Social Media

This is a great tool when used to your advantage. It’s easy to post about your event and add updates etc but try something a little bit different to get people talking about it. Hosting a Twitter Chat is a useful way to engage people, stir up interest and get attendees excited about what’s going to be happening on the day of the event. This is an effective way of trying something different to stand out from other events.


Most conferences happen in venues people would expect them to be in. Why not host yours in a unique setting? Get creative and think about venues that would pique people’s interest, offer a new experience and be fun as well as educational. This is where the services of a professional events management company could come in handy as they are experts in planning and running events like yours. For Conference Management Companies Dublin, visit


Teaming up with a local or national charity that’s close to your heart is another good idea for making your event a bit more special. You’ll be raising much needed funds for a worthy cause and also gaining some positive media attention for your business too from the charity’s advertising and local newspapers. Be sure to highlight this on all your social media feeds, containing useful information about the charity, its cause and how this fits in with your company ethos.

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People love receiving stuff that’s free so think about how you could reward returning delegates that attended last year. You might offer them an invitation to an exclusive dinner, vouchers for local businesses, special discounts for early ticket bookings or anything else you can creatively imagine and have the budget for. Offer a goodie bag, free t-shirt from a sponsor or some other exciting incentive.


Make your event more interactive and it will be more fun and memorable for the participants than it would if they are simply a passive audience. Test your guests’ knowledge of your organization or the cause theme of the conference with fun trivia games. You can even add in small prizes and have them compete individually or in teams. Learning is more enjoyable when there is active participation and an upbeat atmosphere.

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