How to heat your home on the cheap

Energy costs seem to be constantly on the rise, and keeping our homes heated during those colder months is increasingly challenging, especially if you are on a limited budget.

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Here are a few good ways to reduce costs and keep your home heated for less.


Better insulated properties lose less heat to the air outside, making them easier to warm up and better to hold that heat in. This, in turn, can greatly reduce fuel bills.

The energy-saving trusts have some great information regarding differing types of insulation.

Switch and save

Although the government is pushing through reductions in the number of pricing tariffs energy providers can provide, you can still note decent savings by finding the best tariff for your usage. Use one of the energy comparison sites and go online to seek out your best price.

Understand how thermostats work

Many people still imagine that a thermostat works like the accelerator pedal of a car. They assume that by turning it up to 30 degrees, the house will heat faster. However, your heater or boiler produces heat at the same rate regardless of the set temperature. All the thermostat does is switch the heating off once that temperature is reached. By setting it high, you run the risk of an overheated house, costing you extra cash.

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Using a timer on your heating system means you limit the time the heater or boiler is in use to just when you need it, thereby reducing costs.

Avoid heating failures

The last thing you need during those cold months is for your heating system to fail. By ensuring you get it regularly serviced by a gas-safe-registered engineer, you can keep it running both more efficiently (saving you money) and less likely to fail on you when you need it most.

For Guildford boiler repair or servicing of systems in the Guildford area you could consider companies such as

Energy efficiency

When purchasing new electrical items, consider the energy ratings and go for the most efficient.

Replace light bulbs with more energy-efficient ones.

Be energy aware. Do you really need to heat the whole oven for one item? Could a slow cooker be more efficient than cooking on the hob or in the oven? Be sure to switch items off as you go, especially at night.

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