How to remain independent into older age

Getting older is inevitable and more and more of us are living longer, thanks to improved medications and healthier living. One of the worries that come about in older age is how to find ways to stay independent for as long as possible and there are a number of ways that you can achieve this.

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Where you live – choosing a bungalow or single storey home is one great way to allow you to remain in your own home for as long as you are able to. There are lots of options in this area include standard bungalows as well as retirement parks and villages that cater for the over 55s. In other instances, you might want to move to a location that is nearer to a family that can support you.

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Support – if you need extra support for daily tasks you can in the first instance look at Mobility Aids like the ones from Ability Superstore these can help you with everything from getting in and out of the bath safely, to moving around and picking up items. It can be a great first step. If you need more support you could look at working with a care company that could have one of their specialists come in once or twice a day to support your needs.

Socialising – one of the biggest difficulties in older age can be spending time with others. This is where joining local interest groups or starting a new hobby can really benefit you and it can help to give you new friends and connections that will help you to stay positive and motivated.

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