How to Smarten Up Your Visitor Reception Area

First impressions count, and this is never more true than in a business setting. So if your reception area is looking a bit jaded, maybe you could try some of the following suggestions to smarten it up.

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Reception area seating is one of those areas of office furnishings that can easily be overlooked. After all, it is usually the clients that sit on the reception chairs, not the staff themselves. So make sure that your reception chairs are clean, safe and comfortable and the area kept clutter-free.

Technology

One area of frustration for visitors in reception is not knowing if the person they have arranged to see is aware of their arrival. For a number of reasons this could have been missed by the receptionist, but with the development of smart technology clients can now sign themselves in and alert their contact that they have arrived in the reception area.


Entertainment is increasingly being used in reception areas. A simple screen tuned to the local news or a film presentation of the developments and successes in your business could provide a diversion while a client is waiting on those comfortable reception chairs.

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Colour Scheme

Colours can say a lot about your business, and the right choice will project the right image. Just choosing the correct colour scheme for your visitor reception area can have a great effect on the outcome of a meeting or a client’s mood. Soft blues and greens suggest a calming atmosphere, while a corporate business might use dynamic navy, green or burgundy shades.


Plants are a simple addition that can make a big difference to a reception area. They have a naturally welcoming effect, but just make sure that your plants are kept healthy. If finances are a consideration, ask a local florist if they would like to sponsor a regular floral display in your reception area in exchange for leaving their business cards.


Art displays are another way to improve your reception area. You can have framed black and white photographs of your business arranged across one wall or choose a large modern print that complements your colour scheme.

So if you are thinking about smartening up your visitor reception area, just making it a more comfortable area for your clients could make the world of difference to your business.

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