Improving your tenpin bowling technique

We’ve all been there. The shout goes up that its time for you to go on a “team building exercise” organised by the local office loudmouth looking to increase their profile with the management by setting up a friendly trip to the local Bowlarama and send down some balls on the lanes. By that I mean its time for your team to be pitted against your other work colleagues not only in work but out of it again so that you can give it large to each other the next day. What could be better than making small talk outside of work with people that you have to spend at least 7 hours a day with at the expense of your free time that could be spent seeing friends and family? Anyway, what better way of gaining revenge on the loudmouth, management and colleagues be learning a few skills and wiping the floor with them? One start would be to produce a Bowling Wrist Support such as the ones that you can get from that will get the others worried that you might actually know what you’re doing.

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We are here to help. First of all, pick up a ball and try and find the right weight. If you go for a heavy one. like a 16 whist, you’ll be able to trash some pins getting it down there can be an issue and there is more chance it will roll into the side bits called the gutters. It might be better to start with an 8 or 9 as you’ll get the speed, but the power won’t be there. It’s better to go with a light ball so that you’ll know for sure that you get it there and actually hit something.

Ok so your ok with the weight of it now let’s focus on the approach. This is very important. To begin stand just of left of centre. There are some helpful arrows on the floor to help you find this. Don’t release the ball too soon as it will smack into the lane and lose power or just go about go anywhere. If you get left with a few stragglers, then don’t line up directly with the pin. Its better to face it from the opposite of the lane. If the pins are on the right-side start on the left and bowl across the lane.

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You only have to do this 23 time if your luckily and a score over 100 should be enough to do for loud mouth and the senior team. Try not to be to good though as they might start talking about making a team to play in a league or something.

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