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So, you’ve just had your stunning porch constructed and you want it to look fantastic for as long as possible. For a beautiful Oak Porch, visit Porches often succumb to the chaos of daily life with all its comings and goings. Clutter accumulates and before you know it, you’re not making that incredible first impression you so desired. Here are some great ideas for getting your porch under control:

  1. A surface

A surface is ideal for all those things that are in transit between entering and leaving the house. You can use it to store keys or post or other odds and ends that might otherwise end up in a pile on the floor. The more places you have to store items, the easier and less-cluttered life becomes. You don’t need to buy a table specific for the purpose. Chances are you already have something suitable like a console table or a small bookcase. A lower shelf is also handy for storing things like gloves, shoes and scarves, for example. A chest of drawers is also handy for hats, gloves and scarves too.

  1. A coat rack

A multitude of pegs in the porch are always useful to prevent a build-up of coats on the floor or draped over the backs of chairs. For homes with young children, a rack at their level is a sweet idea. Remember to hang some wooden hangers for best jackets and coats to be cared for a little better and for wet coats to air properly.

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  1. A Mirror

Mirrors are an effective addition to any space as they create the illusion of extra light and space, especially useful in a smaller porch. It also provides an ideal chance to have a last glimpse at your make-up or hair before leaving the house.

  1. A small seat for taking off shoes

A little chair or wooden bench is a super addition to a porch for the putting on and removing of footwear. It looks welcoming for guests and makes life just that little bit more comfortable. An ottoman will work just as well and provide the added benefit of giving you extra storage.

  1. Lighting

Lighting can really set an atmosphere as well as being highly functional. A stunning statement lighting fixture will welcome you home and make a wonderful first impression for guests. A pair of table lamps on a surface will also create soft, warm pools of light and help you to remove your outerwear after dark.

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  1. Umbrella stand

Every home has a menagerie of items that seem to accumulate over time that nobody really knows what to do with. Instead of ending up in a heap on the floor, invest in a stylish umbrella stand and use it as a home for umbrellas, of course, but also all the other odd bits. You can also use buckets and bins if necessary but the more stylish the better.

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