Lost in the Wilderness: Tips That Could Save Your Life

Many people love watching the survival shows on television, but not many of us would remember what to do if we found ourselves lost in the wilderness with only our wits to rely on. Whether you are planning a desert hike or a lengthy mountain bike ride, read on for some important tips that could help to save your life if you find yourself lost in the great outdoors.

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Survival Items

The most important thing to remember when going into the wilderness is to take suitable items with you, so a compass and a map of the area are both must-have items. Add to this list some suitable provisions, such as a bottle of water and high-energy snacks.

Other vital items for survival include a lighter or matches, pocket knife, first aid kit, water purification tablets and extra clothes. It is also a good idea to take a raincoat for bad weather, and sunglasses and sunscreen if going somewhere sunny. Of course, these days a mobile phone is a must, along with a GPS tracker device. Using the right kit means you have more chance of making it out of the wilderness alive, just like this woman who was lost in the Australian outback for 17 days: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/29556238.

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The Right Equipment

One important piece of kit is the bag you use to carry your items in. A good-quality messenger-style bag, such as the Vanquest messenger bag, could be an ideal choice. This sort of bag is available from many outdoor clothing and equipment suppliers, such as http://www.angloforro.co.uk/product/vanquest-envoy-3-0-messenger-bag/. Messenger bags can be carried across your body, keeping your hands free, while the compartments keep items separate for easy access.

Save Yourself with ‘STOP’

Aside from your kit, you can do other things to make yourself safer when travelling. Always check your route ahead of time, check the weather forecast and take note of landmarks nearby. If you do find yourself lost, there are some important ways to help yourself using the acronym STOP.

Firstly, stop and calm down – perhaps eat and drink. Next think about your situation (your distance travelled, where you night be, how long until sunset). Then observe your surroundings and landmarks. Finally, plan your next step, whether that is retracing your steps or building a fire for the night.

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