Does it matter if your restrooms are dirty?

If your business is spending more time and effort on ‘front of house’ cleaning, thinking your restrooms don’t matter, then you’re in for a nasty shock. Rundown or grubby toilets are one of the worst places to deal with, whether you’re an employee or a customer. Horrible smells, dubious stains and sticky flooring are just a few of the nasties that await those who are forced to use a mucky WC. Just not important enough? Think again as a less than adequate restroom can have a considerable impact on business performance.

Bad image

Even if there is only a small chance a customer or visitor might use your restroom facilities, you must make an effort as it will reflect on your overall business. Do you really want to make a bad impression because of a dirty loo? A grubby toilet will leave visitors wondering if remiss in other areas too and doubting your reliability.

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Scare off potential custom

Perhaps people enter your premises to use the facilities as they are the only ones nearby. This is an opportunity to showcase your business, not leave potential customers running for the hills. If your facilities are grim, they will probably never return, and you lose a potential sale opportunity. For restaurants, this issue is even more important. A dirty restroom leaves a visitor wondering if the kitchen and food prep areas are just as gross! A poor image is also more likely to lead to people telling their friends and family to stay away too.

Hazardous to health

It’s not rocket science to recognise that when something is dirty, it is harbouring more germs. A restroom can be used by many people each day and become breeding grounds for bacteria. By not maintaining the hygiene of restrooms, you are putting your staff and visitors at increased risk of illness, which would reflect very poorly indeed on your business’ reputation.

Should staff fall ill, your business is then dealing with sick days, a loss of manpower and decreased productivity. Get smart with your restroom cleaning and use Washroom Services Gloucestershire from

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Keeping up the good work

Once you have a sparkling toilet, it’s important to maintain this fresh, clean atmosphere with regular checks and action. How is this achieved? Keep your premises stocked up with easily accessible cleaning products that could include disinfectant, a mop, glass-wiping cloths and a bowl cleaner. Always make sure you have a supply of toilet rolls, hand soap and vending products, replenishing when required. Be sure to deal with big issues straight away before they turn into a headache, such as blocked drains, overflowing bins or a blocked toilet.




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