Myths about forklifts

When it comes to forklift trucks, there are some myths and misunderstandings floating around. So, what confusing things have you heard about what it takes to use a forklift? To clear things up, here are some facts about what it takes to operate a forklift:

You must hold a driving licence – You might have been told that you need to have a driving licence to operate a forklift, but this isn’t actually the case. You don’t require any kind of special licence to operate a forklift truck, not a specialist one or a driving licence. All that is required is some regular training sessions to operate the machinery safely. Do you need Electric Pallet Trucks Ireland? For Electric Pallet trucks Ireland click here

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Training must be in a forklift – Again, this is entirely true. Whilst some companies might prefer all training to be done in a forklift, others will prefer to use a mix of hands-on and virtual reality training. VR is a good way to experience what operating a truck is like without the worry about causing any physical damage.

It’s just like driving a car – If someone told you this, they have probably never operated a forklift. Yes there might be an engine and four wheels but that’s where the similarity ends. They handle differently, as they have a three point suspension and they use rear wheel drive which takes some getting used to.

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Training takes a long time – This is not necessarily the case as the theory, practical and practice of the course can take place in as little as five days.

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