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Whilst you might love your décor, if you’re trying to sell your home and struggling – it could be because of your outdated and retro fittings. Rather surprisingly, features deemed unattractive could be devaluing your property by thousands. Here we’ll take a quick look at the outdated décor that could be wrecking your chances and some easy ways to fix them.

If you’re trying to sell a property then you need to make it as valuable as possible. Rightly or wrongly, people do judge books by their covers when it comes to buying a property. One of the first problems could be your wood paneling. If you have wood paneling, this can date a property and make it looked tired. It’s very easy to remove however so rip it off and replace with some neutral wallpaper. Painting the nearby walls the same colour will immediately open up the room and make it feel brighter. This will definitely be more attractive to people viewing your home.

Bathroom suites can be picked up fairly cheaply these days so if you’re bathroom is still sporting an avocado or pink suite then it’s time for a change. In a survey, 44% of people said that an avocado bathroom suite would put them off from making an offer. Sleek and stylish white suites are the most popular at the moment and are easy to accessorize.

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Woodchip wallpaper is another big no-no as it’s terribly old fashioned now. Remove it with a scoring tool and removing liquid, it’s quite easy to do. Neutral, fresh wallpaper or paint will be much more pleasant on the eyes. For Beautiful houses, visit reliable-remodeler

Artex is also a thing of the past. Big in the 1970s but considered pretty awful now, along with the woodchip. It was used to add texture and design to ceilings but is fairly redundant as a design concept nowadays. If you want rid of it, it’s best to get professional advice as anything added before the 1980s may contain white asbestos.

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Built-in brick or stone fireplaces are another turn-off for potential buyers. If you don’t want to rip it all out then think about updating the hearth. By using slate or some modern tiles and painting the stone a lighter colour, you’ll freshen an otherwise rather outdated and tired area. Clear away clutter and place one large vase with flowers in the centre, for a more updated take on the fireplace.

Built-in wardrobes surrounding the bed are no longer considered as stylish as they once were. 30% of buyers would be put off by them. An easy fix is to remove the cupboards that go over the headboard. That wall might need a fresh lick of paint but it will make the room look bigger and more up-to-date.

Heavily patterned carpet might have been the height of sophistication back in the 70s and 80s but steer well clear these days. If ripping it all out is too daunting then focus on the first impression and replace the entrance hall and living room carpet as a priority. Don’t let a loud carpet put off your potential buyers as soon as they walk through the door.

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