Outlining Gas Station Maintenance

Most people, at some point in their life, will visit a gas station. Whether you fueling up throughout the week or hitting the road for a long trip, stopping at a gas station is a given. These bastions of fuel and convenient items serve a vital role for many people. Like most things, however, they require service and maintenance to continually function as they should. There are a few things that gas station owners should schedule for routine maintenance.

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Maintenance of gas pumps fall under two categories and both should be serviced regularly. These two categories are the pumps physical parts and the pumps electronics. Physically that means a thourough checke of nozzles, hoses, orings and splash guards. Servicing the electronics entails checking the hydraulics, circuit boards, filters and calibrating meters.


As with the pump, there are a number of things, both physical and electronic, that need to service on storage tanks. Checks and replacements, as needed, should be conducted on sensors, wiring, and the monitoring system of the tank. Physical components that need to be tended to include gaskets, fill covers, water seals, covers. Tank cleaning should also be done to remove any sludge or debris.

Car Wash

If the station is equipped with one, then car wash maintenance needs to also be done. Maintenance of the gas station car wash includes checking nozzles, hoses and lines for wear and tear. Checking water pressure and flow, as well as, rountinely power washing bays and the building itself should also be done. Trash receptacles and dust bins should also be cleaned out regularly.

Staying on top of the maintenance needs of your service/gas station is a great way to help in stay profitable. Dealing with problems before they occur is typically the best and most financially advantageous way to conduct operations. A detailed maintenance list that takes into account any current or future issues needs to be established and followed to reduce any unwanted down time.

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