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Albert Einstein once said that ‘play is the highest form of research’ and if Einstein thought play was that important then maybe we should too. In the past, many thought that play was just something for the kids to do while the grown-ups were busy but we have since learned that play is vital for both mental and physical development. Play can happen anywhere, all it needs is a little imagination but the best places for play have got to be playgrounds.They are often made of sturdy materials such as metal. Tapping Machines such as the ones you can see at  areofte are often used to shape metal for uses like playgrounds Here are the top benefits of having access to a playground:

  • Play increases immune function and even just half an hour in the daylight, moving around is enough to trigger this reaction in a child’s body.
  • Play equipment is ideal for kids to practice and build on cardiovascular strength which can only boost health. Swings are also ideal for developing motor skills and a range of movement that includes balance, jumping, pushing, rhythm and grabbing.
  • Playgrounds have a unique ability to provide a full body workout, strengthening arms, shoulders, legs and torso. Children are also neurologically nourished with practice in depth perception, learning about their body and getting equipment to work.
  • Daily play in a play area also helps to reduce the risk of the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle – conditions such as obesity and diabetes.

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  • Adding sand or water to a playground brings a whole new area of sensory development to occur. Children learn a great deal through this tactile experience, how to manipulate and master different materials and satisfying the need to touch to learn.
  • Emotionally, it has been proven that the opportunity to take part in unstructured physical play reduces stress levels. Stress had a terrible impact on health and academic success so playgrounds are crucial for letting off steam and building self-confidence.
  • Too much of modern day technology provides everything for us. We are bombarded with images, stories and plots with little room to create our own stories. A play area provides a blank canvas where children make up the rules, the games and their own stories using just their imaginations.
  • Playgrounds are one of few places where children of all backgrounds, race and income level can come together and play as one. Access to community playgrounds is open to rich or poor and offers a chance for children to play without interference from adults.
  • Kids are far less likely to engage in anti-social or bullying behaviours if they are engaged and stimulated in an interesting play area.

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  • When money is tight, playgrounds provide the perfect escape for families to get out in the fresh air and spend time together playing, free-of-charge. They are a sought after public resource, especially in built-up, urban areas. Parents can even download an app that allows them to locate nearby parks, check reviews and get directions.
  • Play areas are particularly important for children with ADHD or hyperactivity issues. The ability to challenge themselves physically and ‘let off steam’ enables them to become calmer in class or when they return home.

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