Popular Horse Breeds and Their Characteristics

Horses have been one of man’s best friends throughout the centuries – helping with jobs and providing us with companionship. Mankind’s bond with horses is clear to see in beautiful works of art like this bronze horse sculpture from https://www.gillparker.com/ as well as books like the classic Black Beauty. Nowadays, horses are just as popular as ever, and there are many different breeds which can all be quite different – here are a few of the most popular horse breeds…

Arabian – This is one of the oldest horse breeds in the world and has been traced back to over 5000 years ago! It is not an advisable first horse as it can have a rather wild temperament, but to experienced owners it can be great fun and very loyal.

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Shetland Ponies – These sweet and characterful little ponies are instantly recognisable and are one of Scotland’s native horse breeds. It is the smallest in the UK and is a popular pony for young children to ride as it is a great size for them.

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Connemara – It is unclear where exactly this breed originated, but it was somewhere in Ireland. Some People believe they are partially descended from some horses that were on shipwrecked ships off the Irish coast that came ashore, and it has been at home there ever since! They are very intelligent horses and are also agile which makes them great at jumping and also for agility competitions.

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