Presentation of Acura TLX 2015 Edition

Acura TLX

The new ACURA TLX under the “Smart Luxury” vision combines maximum luxury and design, sporty, intuitive performance. It also refined style with aggressive features and the latest, two new high-performance engines with 8 and 9 speed transmissions.

The Acura TLX firstly arrives in Mexico replacing the TL and TSX, this being the third vehicle of Acura. After the ILX and RLX models, to be designed under the new automotive language “Smart Luxury”.

Acura TLX
Acura TLX

At the same time, it was developed under the philosophy of Acura known as “Man-Machine Synergy”, which adds up. Cars with high technology delivering exceptional, intuitive and reliable driving dynamics.

The introduction of the new TLX marks a new era in Acura’s history,” said Hiroshi Shimizu, Honda’s president.

The Acura TLX Arrives in 2 versions:

-Version Tech

  • 4Cil 2.4 liters 206hp $515,000 8Voltages.

-Version Advance

  • V6 3.5 liters 290hp $614,900 9Voltages.

Both engines are state-of-the-art. i-VTEC® Earth Dreams Technology®, direct injection, with 9- and 8-speed automatic transmission, respectively. The latter is the first transmission with torque converter and double clutch worldwide.


It presents a firm design and great personality in the bodywork and the defences with lines of great dynamism. Its proportions enhance the sporty style of the car, being more.

Acura TLX


Among the elements of great luxury and automotive technology that stand out are:

  • A soft-touch instrument panel, with accents of aluminium and wood.
  • Center console with buttons instead of gear lever.
  • Heated front seats.
  • Acura Navigation System with 3D vision.

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The TLX also features the latest advances in the Acura IDS (Integrated Dynamic System). It allows each driver to customize their driving experience through four driving modes: ECON, Normal, Sport and Sport +.

Depending on the selected setting, the IDS will adjust the direction, acceleration, transmission, operation of air conditioning and sound systems. The same P-AWS system. The new Sport + mode, a scoop from Acura, unleashes the full performance potential of the TLX with the most compelling configurations in all areas.


It is the first car to use a new monocular camera and a radar system that underpin the Collision Mitigation system with braking that helps prevent impacts and the operation of Adaptive Cruise Control.

The Acura TLX Advance is also the first Acura car to introduce a Road Departure Mitigation Assistance (RDMS), which uses the monocular camera to recognize pavement lines and identify lane boundaries. When the vehicle appears to be getting out of its lane, the system will alert the driver, helping him apply corrective movements to the steering wheel, and if necessary, braking so that the vehicle retains its lane.

The TLX body has a structure known as the Next Generation Advanced Compatibility Engineering® (ACE), which in conjunction with other safety systems – including 7 fronts, side, side curtain airbags and driver’s knees. It provide a very high level of protection to the occupants, in the most diverse scenarios of a possible high impact.

Acura TLX


The chassis features a new four-wheel independent suspension – McPherson front and multi link rear – with revised geometry and new shock absorbs for a more comfortable and better-performing ride. The New Motion Adaptive Electronic Power Steering system facilitates greater handling precision and better vehicle response while fuel economy. It also works hand in hand with the VSA traction control system to help the driver maintain control of the vehicle on slippery pavements.

The Acura TLX was designed and developed in the United States. Production of the new TLX and power train is being carried out at the company’s high-tech manufacturing facility in Marysville, Ohio, United States.

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