Proving you could have been a Cowboy by staying on a Rodeo Bull.

One of the most popular attractions at the fair nowadays is the good old Rodeo bull. They don’t use a real bull of course, that would be too dangerous, this is a mechanical bull that is designed through hydraulics and speed to simulate what it’s like to be on a real maddened bull or wild horse. They do make a great bit of fun at a party and you can hire one from a Rodeo Bull Manufacturer like this is especially true if you want to see your guest flying through the air at some point in the evenings entertainment. It might be an idea for you as the host to be aware of how to ride the mechanical bull so that you not only look amazing on it but also so that you don’t end up flying off it and ending up in a crumpled heap.

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The bull will start at a slow steady speed as set by the technical expert. If there is any justice in the world and they are a decent person then they will increase that speed, dip and rotation incrementally over a period of time so that you don’t get thrown off within the first 10 seconds of getting on the thing. Its important to remember that a real Bull in a Rodeo doesn’t give you the luxury of a nice slow steady start. If you were to get on top of one and it is released into the arena it will jump around like a complete nutcase as the last thing it wants is you on its back as it will feel this is a deeply unnatural state for a bull and it will try and rectify this anomaly by attempting to throw you off it as soon as it possibly can. How then can you stay on?

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The first thing to remember is that grip is very important. Two grips are required; the first is with your strongest hand, right or left around what would be the rope around the bull. The other grip is with your knees and thighs. This needs to be vice like as the bull’s centrifugal force is going to radiate outwards and the maximise the force away from the centre. The other important part is balance. If you can maintain that then you should fine yourself clinging on. Weirdly, to maintain that balance you need to raise the other arm you are not gripping with in the air behind you. If you have a ten-gallon hat to hold that might help as wearing the correct clothes is an important point.

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