Six more home décor ideas for the summer

Summer means warm days, lighter nights and plenty of opportunities to make changes to your home décor, taking inspiration from the season. Any of these six home décor ideas will help you take advantage of the sunny days, letting in light and air and bringing the outside in by filling your house with colour.

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Change your viewpoint

In the winter a fireplace is the best focal point for a room. In the summer, though, you want to be looking outside. Change your furniture around so you can enjoy your garden for longer, with the added benefit of making you happier too – If you can do without curtains, do. If you can’t, replace heavy drapes with lighter fabrics.

Create an outdoor dining space

If you have a patio or a porch, use it not just for sitting in the garden but for eating in it too. Add a dining table and use bright place settings to give a summery feel. If you’re on the patio, use an umbrella or awning to protect you from direct sunlight while still letting you enjoy the beautiful weather.

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Create a place to relax

Summer shouldn’t be stressful so look for furnishings that let you relax. Use rugs and floor pillows, light candles and create a warm and welcoming place for family and friends. This type of space works well if you have laminate flooring, such as that provided by, which is easy to keep clean.

Keep it casual

Setting tables or serving drinks doesn’t have to be a formal affair, especially in the summer. Keep things casual by mixing and matching and adding your stamp to parties by serving drinks in an assortment of glasses or meals on picnic plates.

Make use of light

Even though nights are lighter later, it doesn’t mean you can’t use candles or garden lights to make your evening special. There are so many lovely garden lights out there in so many different colours that you can show your personality off and bring a bit of magic to your nights.

Fresh flowers

If you have a garden full of flowers, make use of them. Pick flowers that make a statement, those that are bright and colourful and say “summer”. Display them throughout your house, bringing the outside in.


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