Six Ways to Style a White T-Shirt.

There’s never been more choice for the gentleman who wants to look good. This breadth of styles often leads to one of the most versatile choices in the wardrobe being overlooked – the simple white t-shirt. Let’s take a look at some of the effective ways to style this common garment.

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Plain White

Although it might sound simple at first, just a t-shirt shouldn’t be underestimated. You can wear a white t-shirt with practically anything, safe in the knowledge the t-shirt will pull it all together and you’ll look good.

The Bottom End

A plain white t-shirt can be paired with anything from tracksuit bottoms to jeans or even dresswear – almost anything works! If that’s a bit of a plain fit, though, try some of the following styles.

With a Button-up Shirt

Pairing it with a button-up shirt is one of the easiest. Whether you’re working with a casual plaid-style pattern, denim or even silk, a white t-shirt is the perfect base to build on. Try an open or fastened look for a smarter or more casual style. Menswear brands such as Farah offer a great range of shirts you can rock with a white T. Farah offers good value for such a wide range.

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With a Jacket

The white T with an open jacket such as a bomber is another simple and reliable style. A white base means you can feel safe to experiment with colours. Again, check out menswear retailers such as Farah for a great choice of jackets you could pair with a T.


If you’re looking for the smarter end of the spectrum, trying teaming your t-shirt with a blazer. Any style and colour will work nicely with the t-shirt, though darker tones such as navy often work nicely in contrast with the white. For the adventurous, try a plain white t-shirt as a base to suit trousers and a jacket. Although this might sound intimidating, this is actually a really easy fit to pull off for that ultimate in casual but wealthy style.

To Tuck or Untuck?

One of the reasons the white t-shirt is so versatile is it’s so easy to pair with almost anything. An easy way to change your style depending on your outfit is to experiment with tucked or untucked style where appropriate. Tucking in your t-shirt immediately makes for a more formal fit.

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