Social Media Marketing and the Rise of the Internet for Businesses

Something that has changed the face of business over the last few years, is the rise of the internet. Getting a domain name for example from and a website are important for businesses in this day and age, even more so since Covid-19 struck the world.

Another part of the internet which is incredibly useful to businesses is social media. Far from being just a tool used to chat to friends and family, and share funny memes, social media has become a business must have for a successful company.

Here is a brief guide to getting your social media marketing going…

The main way that social media marketing can be summed up is this – It is the process of creating pieces of content for certain social media platforms which then generate traffic to your site by allowing people to share the content’

Because each social media platform is different their isn’t a one size fits all approach–for example, because Instagram is so image driven, a lot of companies will pay Instagram influencers to promote their products in their pictures – which in turn means that the influencers themselves also benefit.

The critical thing when it comes to a successful social media marketing campaign is to make sure that your content is engaging and of interest to your target demographic. This is how you will encourage people to share it, which means you are getting your brand out there to more people.

Richard Anderson


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