Spiders: How drugs can affect their web design

Have you ever looked at a spider’s web and considered how much work goes into it? Spiders, while not being everyone’s cup of tea, are extremely skilled engineers constructing complex webs to catch small prey and also be their home. Imagine the fun that could be had, and the amount of knowledge that can be learned by giving them a series of human drugs to see what type of affect it has on them? This was the idea in nineteen forty-eight by a zoologist that was intrigued as to why Spiders designed their webs between two am and five am. This is not the time that you would expect Reading Web design team Star web innovators to be hard at it and you’d be right. If you need the services of a web design team they just check out their website at http://www.starwebinnovations.co.uk/ for more info. After that lets have a look at these drugged up spiders and see what they came up with.

The purpose for the test was to see if the spiders could be convinced to make their webs at a different time, they didn’t want to.  They were still more than happy to build their webs at a time they found convenient and not when we wanted them to. Perhaps they prefer the still of the night and the relative cool of the darkest hours to construct their designs. Regardless they were all effected by the implantation of drugs into their otherwise quite simple life.

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First, we need to understand a spider’s web. They work in circles around a central hub with a spiral radiating out form the centre. They have a signal thread running through the centre to warn them of any prey that has becoming trapped. The Radius tread runs the whole length of the web to anchor it to whatever they have used for support. The scientist started with Amphetamine, Mescaline and LSD all psychotropic drugs that change your perception of reality. They did virtually nothing to the spiders apart from making their webs less round. However, In fact when on LSD the spiders were above to create even better circles than what they would normally produce. It was caffeine that really destroyed them. Their webs were lazy and incomplete to the point of appearing to not give a damn as to what they looked like and you could have flown the fly equivalent of an Airbus 380 through them.

To be sure Nasa repeated the experiment in 1995 if only to make surer the original wasn’t just a complete waste of time. The purpose this time was to see what effects drugs had via the toxicity levels. They weren’t disappointed. The same drugs were used except this time marijuana and sleeping pills were included. The marijuana spiders started we then just plan gave up. The one son speed worked quickly but with a very poor spiral and the ones on LSD had great structure but no spirals. Again, the coffee spider’s webs were non-existent. Might have to rethink that extra cu of Java.

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