Staying healthy at work

It is not easy living a healthy lifestyle while working nine to five. You get to work, sit down, set up and start working.

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Even though your company doesn’t pay you to keep fit, it is in their best interest for you to be in optimal health.

After all, if you’re not feeling 100 per cent, you can’t deliver 100 per cent!

Start at the top

Office furniture like Operator Chairs that are  found at  are well designed, but working in an office means that you’re seated for most of the day.  You might want to look through the site and find one that has armrests, a nice thick seat cushion, an adjustable back rest, height adjustment and one that allows you to work all day without back ache.

Unfortunately, studies show that sitting down is actually not good for you and is a major cause of obesity and other related illnesses – even cancer.

On your feet

In addition to the usual breaks, there must be other times when you can stretch your legs. Instead of bringing a drink in, take a stroll down to the coffee machine. That little change of scenery will refresh you and give you a little bit of exercise.

Before and after

How do you get to work? Do you catch a bus or train, or do you drive? All of these methods of transportation can cause a lot of stress even before you even clock in. How far do you live from the office? Is it walking distance?

Have you ever considered getting a bike? Cycling is recognised as one of the best all-round exercises that you can undertake. Being outside in fresh air will loosen you up before you go to work and pull all the work-related kinks out afterwards.


We’ve mentioned drinks, but how about meals? It’s very easy to grab a meal deal from the handy supermarket, but why not make and bring your own?

We should all have our five a day, and fruit is very portable. Salads are cheap and delicious. A few minutes in the kitchen at home will free up time normally spent wandering around picking out lunch, which could be used for some walking or light jogging instead. It will also save lots of money – perhaps even enough to afford that sports club membership you’ve been wanting!

If you follow these simple guidelines, your health will benefit, and so will your company as you become more productive and energised!

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