Storing items correctly in your van can boost productivity

The right van shelving can turn a standard commercial vehicle into a multipurpose workspace that boosts productivity.Boiler Installation Cheltenham companies will ensure that all of the items that they need to complete their everyday work is safely and secure located in their vans. Boiler Installation services provided by the combi man will be seamlessly planned into each day and having items to hand plays a big part in the productivity to companies such as these. But how can you choose which setup will work best for your LCV and business?

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Optimising load space

There are more vans on the roads than ever before, but a sizeable minority are being driven without even coming close to reaching their load capacity. This leads to congestion and higher fuel costs for businesses.

One way to combat this is to invest in custom fitted shelving which is tailored to the exact dimensions of the cargo area. Unlike a generic setup, this will ensure that all of the space can be used effectively.

The main disadvantage of this approach is the cost of adoption, but you can recoup your initial investment over time, as the van is able to be used more effectively.

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Embracing adjustability

If the bespoke route is not practical, then getting adjustable shelving is a good idea.

Durability will be an important asset to look out for when picking shelves or racks for your LCV, as the toughness of the material from which the assembly is constructed will determine how long it can survive through the rigours of daily use.

Some systems will allow you to add extra features, including drawers and entire cabinets, keeping loose items stowed away during transport and making them easy to access when you reach your destination. The options are almost endless, which means you need to make a decision according to the type of work you do.

Considering security

You may want to think about how your shelving setup protects items stored in your van from malicious third parties, so picking solutions which include lockable points of access will be a good idea if the contents are valuable. You should always remove anything precious from a van which is being left unattended overnight, but this is not practical during working hours, which is where shelving-specific security measures come into play.

Finally, think about the ease with which a particular solution can be adjusted. Some modern shelving allows for entirely tool-free adjustment, although this is not universal.


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