The most surprising ways that VoIP improves customer service

In terms of boosting your customer service credentials, VoIP is one of the best investments you can make. Its impact can have the capacity to surprise you, even if you think you know all there is to know about this technology.

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Here are just some of the unexpected outcomes of adopting VoIP, from a customer service perspective.

Customer engagement

In spite of the importance of a website as a calling card for your business in the digital age, plenty of prospective customers will still form a first impression of an organisation with a phone conversation. Also for the best quality service, you can use power dialing software.

While older communications systems can be clunky and potentially frustrating for first time callers, a VoIP solution will sidestep a lot of these issues.

Employees will be able to handle calls more efficiently, ensuring people are not kept waiting on hold. If calls are missed, cutting edge voicemail will make it straightforward for customers to leave a message and get a prompt response.

Ultimately, the rise of VoIP usage has raised expectations about the quality of the phone-based customer service experience. Since millions of consumers rely on VoIP to make calls from their smartphones each day, most are well aware of what can be achieved.

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Working with an international VoIP wholesale provider like is a good way for businesses to adopt this technology successfully and reap all of its rewards for greater engagement.

Analytical advantages

With a VoIP system, you can monitor a wide range of metrics and keep track of every incoming and outgoing call. This means you can generate data and better assess the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategy.

How often are calls leading to conversions, and what is it about those successful calls that is different from the ones that end in failure? VoIP puts you in the perfect position to answer these questions and many more.

You can even get inventive with the way you manage campaigns, attaching different numbers to different platforms and assessing how each performs, depending on the volume of calls that are received and their hit rate.

This lets you trim the fat and focus your attentions on areas which generate the best results, rather than wasting resources in places that do not deliver growth. Businesses that are already using VoIP will not be surprised by these perks.

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