Test Lifan E3: a truly economic electric moped

If you are looking for something economical to move around the city without depending on the availability of rental bikes, beware of this electric moped for the B card. It’s been a while since I climbed a moped. And the last time I did it, the machine was equipped with Tubarro and cylinder raised from 49 to 80 cc. That’s why I did not have them all with me when someone appeared in the newsroom with this Chinese postman color contraption with a delivery truck.

But at a time when everyone has gone crazy for alternative mobility and electrification … why not be surprised? What’s more, a few days after this, in China, I would have enough to see Lifan with two or three wheels, electrified and with gasoline. Also, I would try the ‘sea cucumber’ with chopsticks (I’ll put the link hereof the ‘slug’ in question, which is worth it, that not everything is cars and motorcycles in life). Keep reading: Abarth 595 vehicle range, design and rivals

Test of Lifan E3

test of Lifan E3

Anyway, before looking at technical specifications and prices, I feel adventurous and I see that the position is not uncomfortable. The LEDs in front and back are resulted ones and I wonder if a few years ago I would have linked more in the institute with the Vespino or with this … while I select the driving mode 1 to overcome the ramp of the garage, step 2 and in the 3 I already started to slide through the streets of Madrid at rush hour.

Like any good electric vehicle, the Lifan E3 gives you three: zero emissions; a prevailing silence around you, which is only disturbed a little by the rolling and the slight buzzing of the engine; a good acceleration (in plain) to deliver all the torque from below … The difference compared to other more powerful plug-in vehicles is that here the benefits suffer as soon as the first difference appears: it comes out well in position 3, has a pull, gets speed … and keep about 40 km / h on flat, without complications you can get to stretch to 48 per hour.

On the first slope, you will stay in your thirties at the time; downhill, the electric motor (attached to the rear wheel) cuts at almost 48 km / h, so if you want to go further at a specific moment of need, it is best to let go of the accelerator so it does not hold and let The moped is packed to overcome the legal barrier of 50 km / h.

Test Lifan E3 electric moped

test of Lifan E3

When you release your fist or brake, (-your front disc, behind, drum), Lifan ( the importer’s website in Spain is motorpdm.com) promises to recover a part of the energy and recharge the batteries, to have up to 10 % more autonomy

As the kilometers pass, I am encouraged a lot of traffic, without forgetting that I have a very limited response. But slipping through the city like that – let alone residential and quiet areas – is very pleasant. The small wheel contributes a lot to this, as well as a comfortable suspension (rather soft) and more than sufficient effectiveness for the performance of the vehicle.

A rational purchase?

test of Lifan E3

If you move a lot around the city but you do less than 40-50 km a day and do not intend to go to bypass roads, the cost per km could be really cheap, although to calculate it exactly, as always when talking about electromobility, you will have to Take into account how much you pay at home the kilowatt hour. In addition, as the PVP is not very high (the price of the Lifan E3 is 2,550 dollars. With two years of guarantee. It will be easier for you to pay off the investment soon (which includes two years of guarantee).

More advantages

We have seen in this test of the Lifan E3: the fact that the lithium-ion battery is removable and does not weigh much will free you from being aware of the few recharging points that there are and installing one in the garage, since that you can plug it in at home or at work. Be that as it may, the last word is only you. You may also like the list of most expensive cars: http://carrepro.org/most-expensive-cars-in-the-world/



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