The benefits of a commercial fridge

Commercial or retail fridges are used in many restaurants and catering businesses, for storing ingredients and foods for long and short periods of time. There has a been a recent surge in popularity amongst homeowners investing in these types of fridges, mainly due to their increased capacity, stainless steel finishes and glass doors.

The benefits of a commercial fridge

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Size is one of the main benefits of owning a commercial fridge. More storage space can house larger quantities of food. These big fridges are therefore perfect for busy restaurants and homes, where you need to store large amounts of food. These heavy-duty units provide ample space for all your foods and food products, even allowing for surplus stock items to be stored.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel finishes make them easy to wipe down and clean. It is a hygienic material that requires less disinfecting than other materials, due to its resistance to germs. Increased hygiene and cleanliness make this a perfect choice for restaurants and catering outlets, as well as busy homes. Dirt, marks and spillages show up clearly on a stainless steel surface, making them easier to spot and therefore clean, leaving you with a beautiful, spotlessly clean kitchen.

Low maintenance and reliable

Reliability and low maintenance make these units very desirable. They are not prone to breaking down, as they are constructed out of high quality material. These industrial fridges are constructed under stringent standards and principles, resulting in reliable, low maintenance units. For a wide variety of commercial fridges and freezers, see

Powerful and effective

Retail refrigerators are powerful and effective at keeping your foods at extremely low temperatures. The powerful compressors ensure the fridge is provided with enough power to maintain these constant low temperatures, even when the doors are repeatedly being opened and closed. Low temperatures make them effective and safe units to keep your food fresh and free of bacteria for long periods of time, compared to normal fridges.

Glass doors

Glass doors provide visual assistance when looking for a product. Instead of opening a door for a prolonged period of time as you search for what you want, a glass door provides the opportunity to look for an item before you open the door, preventing changes in temperature from occurring. This keeps the food fresh and free from bacteria for longer.

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