The fun way to use Hydraulic power

There are many ways to use Hydraulic power, but one of the most exciting is that of a hydraulic launch Roller coaster. The fastest one in the UK is Stealth. It is perfect for people who like going from 0 to 80 in less than 2 seconds and then being flung 205 feet in the air. This is what they will experience. It needs a considerable amount of energy to do that, and a Hydraulic Power Unit, like that from will definitely be required.

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Stealth was built by a company from Switzerland called Intamin. They were also responsible for the previous fastest roller coaster Rita at Alton Towers. The experience starts with the passenger being safely strapped in and a guard rail comes down. Smoke is produced under the car, an attempt to create the myth of wheel spin, and an announcement says, “Three, two, one…go, go, go!”

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A series of near 90 degree turns, and a drop creates the phenomenon known as an airtime hill. This makes a very brief period of weightlessness. This soon passes, and the passenger lands back into the seat. Amazingly the Hydraulic launch system can sometimes not generate enough power to get the ride over the 205 foot part. If this happens, magnetic brakes slam on and the train rolls back into the station for another go. Enthusiasts of Roller coasters live for this.

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