The impact of T Swift is felt.

How do you get your traditional piece of knitwear to gain traction in the fashion world? Simple, get a style icon to wear one. However it came as something of a surprise to the industry of the Aran Sweaters production companies when none other than Taylor Swift was seen wearing one. If you’d like to recreate her look go to Shamrock Gift to get a nice one.

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With a huge twitter, Instagram and Facebook following its no surprise that what Taylor does is copied and commented on within seconds. To be fair it’s one of the reason she made the song and video Delicate where she becomes joyously invisible. This was exactly what happen when she wore an aran sweater for a promotional shoot for her new album. The sweaters had become a little bit passe but they were back on the map in an instant . Suddenly  everyone was asking where they could get one and acting as if the jumper was something new.

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It was, in a way , something of a case of history repeating itself. Some 60 years before another style icon had done exactly the same thing albeit in a more risky format. Marilyn Monroe was a woman who would have probably identified with Taylor Swift and she didn’t even have to put up with the social media onslaught. In the film “Let’s make love” she performs a spirited dance in black tights and a long aran sweater. This led to a similar rush of purchasing as we tried, again, to copy a female icon.

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